Launching a new company or product line typically requires a large investment, not to mention a significant amount of risk. Between research and development (R&D), manufacturing, testing, packaging, and fulfillment, it can quickly become cost-prohibitive to get a new product off the ground. Contract manufacturing is an excellent choice for companies in this situation. By partnering with an established manufacturer for production and fulfillment, companies are free to launch new products with minimal investment and minimal risk, allowing employees to focus on what’s important to their individual brand.

Daily Manufacturing is a top-of-line contract manufacturer based in California. For companies with product ideas but without the means to manufacture, Daily Manufacturing can help develop and formulate any product based on customer requirements. Once the formulation is approved, we handle the entire process from sourcing and producing all raw materials, to filling, labeling, and packaging. The end result is a finished product ready to sell on the market

What is Contract Manufacturing and Why is It Important?

Contract manufacturing is an increasingly popular arrangement in which a customer presents a product concept or design to an established manufacturer, who then handles the actual production. In contract manufacturing, clients retain complete control over their products specifications, but they benefit from the experience and high-end equipment of a dedicated manufacturing facility. As a result, companies have a fast, affordable, and reliable method of launching products that exceed their current manufacturing capabilities.

Without contract manufacturing, small, new, or expanding businesses often find themselves stymied by the massive start-up costs of launching a new product. With contract manufacturing, they can keep their existing workflow exactly intact, outsourcing production without sacrificing creative control over the product design.

Contract Manufacturing Process

The contract manufacturing process is thorough, covering the entire product design timeline from R&D to packaging. At each step, Daily Manufacturing provides detailed updates to clients, soliciting feedback to ensure that the end result is aligned with our customer’s expectations.

  • R&D / Formulation. Once we have a detailed picture of the product’s vision and constraints, we can begin the formulation process, which involves careful research and testing to identify the ideal processes and ingredients for the product.
  • After obtaining approval for the formulation, we draw on our extensive industry network to obtain raw materials at the best prices. Sourcing is a key, but often overlooked benefit of contract manufacturing. Established manufacturers draw on their relationships and the economies of scale offered by operating multiple simultaneous projects and customers to purchase premium materials at bulk prices that would not be unavailable to the client on their own.
  • The client gives the final sign-off for production, allowing us to fulfill the order.

Daily Manufacturing guides clients through all of these phases, providing expert advice at every step. We then proceed to packaging, filling, and order fulfillment as dictated by the contract. Our versatile equipment is able to fill and produce various containers and packages, including tubes, jars, and plastic or glass bottles of multiple shapes and sizes. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we constantly incorporate new capabilities and technologies into our operation to ensure that we can meet the broadest range of client needs possible. We’re also committed to honest and fair pricing, and we disclose any setup or tooling costs up front before production begins.

During the packaging and filling stages, our clients benefit from our extensive design capabilities, including marketing services to complement the new product. We offer complete graphic development based on requirements, and for clients needing additional guidance, we can offer design and name suggestions in support of the brand. Our premium graphic design services include:

  • Physical samples
  • Individual box carton design
  • Label design

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing offers a number of key advantages over attempting to produce a new product in-house:

  • With contract manufacturing, you can begin manufacturing a new product with minimal investment, since the outsourcing partner already has access to equipment and excellent prices on raw materials.
  • Contract manufacturing puts you in personal contact with industry experts, who guide you through the formulation and marketing processes. These relationships promise a superior product with less trial and error, especially for those entering a new product space.
  • Low risk. In-house manufacturing requires a significant up-front investment in equipment and training. If the product owner needs to change directions, they would then be out far more than if they had simply outsourced.
  • Contract manufacturers offer turnkey solutions, including in some cases direct fulfillment of client orders. For companies with a specific product idea, there is no more convenient way to get started.

Contract Manufacturing for Cosmetics, Health & Wellness, and More

Contract manufacturing is a staple of the cosmetics and wellness industries, where it is used to produce makeup, personal care, and hygiene products. Daily Manufacturing offers expert R&D services for liquids, creams, lotions, oils, gels, and serums, and our full-fledged services are ideal for clients investigating a new ingredient or product line. We primarily serve the following industries:

  • Skincare We offer cream, liquid, and serum-based cosmetics, including cleansers, moisturizers, and skincare products of all kinds, allowing us to meet the varied needs of the cosmetics industry.
  • Health and wellness. In addition to organic cosmetics, shampoos, and conditioners, we also develop wellness products ranging from massage oils to mouthwash.
  • Cleaning and disinfectant. Hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial products come with special requirements to ensure safety and efficacy. Daily Manufacturing’s clients can trust in our 20 years of manufacturing experience to provide well-tested cleaning products and disinfectants that meet high consumer standards.
  • Fitness and dietary supplements. Our capabilities also extend to natural products and organic supplements, which we manufacture to the highest standards of quality and sanitation.

Contract Manufacturing vs. Private Label

An important distinction for companies considering contract manufacturing is contract manufacturing vs. private label manufacturing. While both are forms of outsourcing, in contract manufacturing, the client determines the product’s formulation and specifications in consultation with the manufacturer. In private label manufacturing, the client picks a well-tested stock formula, which they market under their own brand. Private label manufacturing is faster and more affordable, but contract manufacturing is a better option for those with very particular requirements or concepts.

Daily Manufacturing offers premium contract and private label manufacturing services to meet the needs of cosmetics, health and wellness, and fitness industry clients.

Innovative, California-Based Contract Manufacturing

Daily Manufacturing applies our more than 20 years of industry experience to help clients develop, manufacture, and market products in the personal care, cosmetic, and health and wellness industries. Working from our state-of-the-art California facility, we offer reliable, high-end services that exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

To learn more about how contract manufacturing can help you launch a new product for less, please contact us today.


For companies with product ideas but without the means to manufacture, Daily Manufacturing can help develop and formulate any product based on customer requirements. Once the formulation is approved, we handle the entire process from sourcing and producing all raw materials, to filling, labeling, and packaging. The end result is a finished product ready to sell on the market.


Graphic Design


Physical samples

Individual box carton design

Label design

Apparel and accessory designs

Trade show design

Website and social media design/upkeep

Research & Development


All liquids






Product Formulation


Creams, moisturizers, and washes for hand, face, or body

Lotions, night creams, and serums

Organic cosmetics, shampoos, and conditioners

Hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial products

Natural products

Detergents, cleaning, and disinfectants

Liquid, foaming, and non-foaming anti-bacterial hand soaps


Our versatile equipment is able to fill and produce various containers and packages — including tubes, jars, and plastic or glass bottles of any shape and size. We are constantly innovating and improving our manufacturing capabilities to meet changing needs, and disclose all tooling and setup costs up-front.


Full complete graphic development based on requirements or with our team of experts we can suggest the best design, name, and visual aspect of the brand. We specialize in years of expert graphic design and artwork with success stories of hundreds of award winning brands in the market.