What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Our MOQ per individual sku is 2,500 units for any of our services including co-packing, private label, semi-custom, or full custom formulation.

Is there an R&D development fee?

Yes, there is an R&D fee associated with semi-custom, full custom and reverse engineered formulations. This helps cover the initial development cost for the R&D lab hours that go into creating your formula, sourcing the raw materials and preparing the lab samples. 50% of the R&D fee is credited towards purchase order placed.

Here’s a breakdown of the R&D fees:

  • Private Label – No fee
    • Choose an existing formula as is from our private label formula library with no changes to the formula
  • Semi-Custom Formulation – $500, covers up to 3 rounds of lab sample submissions. Additional rounds: $500/ per 3 rounds
    • Semi-Custom Formula – This is your best bet if you want to choose a private label formula and tweak/adjust it slightly to make it your own. This includes customizing the scent, color, and texture change only.
    • Semi- Customization – With this option, you have your own formula with full percentage breakdown, but would still like to make some adjustments to the formula.
  • Full Custom Formulation $2500, covers up to 3 rounds of sample submissions. Additional rounds would be $500/ per 3 rounds.
    • Full Custom Formulation – You provide us with a target product benchmark to re-develop a same, or similar formula.
    • Full Customization – You provide us with a product brief/concept, or complete a new development questionnaire to develop a new formula.
  • Reverse Engineer Formula – $2500, covers up to 3 rounds of sample submissions. Additional rounds would be $500/ per 3 rounds.
    • Reverse Engineer Formulation – You provide with an ingredient list with NO % breakdown/concentration amount and you want to re-develop the same exact formula.
  • Redevelop Client’s Own Formula – No fee
    • You provide us with a full breakdown of the formula, ingredient list and total percentage breakdown and you want to re-develop the formula as is with no changes.

How long does it take to receive the first formula sample (R&D lead time)?

For an existing formula from our private label library, you can expect to receive a sample within 5 business days. For a semi-custom formula, it can take between 7-14 business days. For a full custom or reverse engineered formula, it can take between 3-6 weeks for the first round of samples.

How long does it take for formula revisions?

The follow up revised samples take between 7-10 business days depending on the complexity of revisions.

Do you perform formula stability and compatibility testing?

Yes, we perform an in-house accelerated formula stability and long term stability test to ensure a stable formula, based on customer request. All of our private label formulas have been stability tested to ensure a ready to go formula. Compatibility testing is also available upon request once we have confirmed the packaging for your product.

Do you offer all natural and/or vegan friendly products?

Yes, absolutely. We offer natural, clean and vegan products. We are all about clean innovative formulas for health, beauty and wellness.

How long does it take to produce and complete a new order?

A typical private label order can take between 3-4 weeks with no formula changes, or custom packaging. If there are any formula changes, special printing/decor or custom packaging, the lead time can extend.

For a typical custom formulated product, it can take between 6-10 weeks to produce and complete an order depending on complexity, project details, and timely response on approvals. Co-Packaging is generally a standard lead time between 1-2 weeks after receiving all raw components in our facility. 

What is your capacity for production?

Our capacity for production is up to 450,000 pieces of various different components per day, or 10-12,000,000 pcs per month.

Do you offer 3PL or Fulfillment after my products are manufactured?

Yes, Daily Manufacturing offers complete integration and fulfillment options after your products are manufactured. We offer warehouse storage, inventory records, picking/packing, and shipping your products to your customers to full integration with your website to process orders from your ecommerce site. Whether you need a single unit shipped to a customer, or bulk wholesale/retail orders, we accommodate it all. Daily Manufacturing is your one stop shop for manufacturing, packaging, and fulfillment.

How do I get started with Daily Manufacturing?

To start your first production of goods with Daily Manufacturing, please Contact Us via phone, email or utilize our Livechat feature on the site. Please provide all details to ensure an accurate quotation for the service requested. After approval of quote, a purchase order is issued and the production and manufacturing process begins. Only a matter of time until you receive your product ready to be sold on the market!