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E-Liquid Manufacturing

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Launch your new product line with custom formulation, production, packaging, filling, and order fulfillment. Daily Manufacturing’s contract manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Expert R&D / formulation
  • Extensive packaging design and marketing services
  • Raw material procurement


Sevices Overview Sevices Overview

Get the product packaging you need without having to invest in costly facilities, packaging equipment, and labor. Daily Manufacturing’s co-packing capabilities include:

  • Small, medium, or large-sized containers
  • Filling 150,000 bottles per day or 5,000,000 per month
  • Professional packaging design

Private Label

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Create your own line of wellness, cosmetic, or personal care products without the time and expense that goes into developing a new formula. Our private label services include:

  • Industry-compliant production
  • Custom formulation assistance with quality ingredients
  • Direct order fulfillment

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

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Create a custom formula and packaging for your unique brand of hand sanitizer or disposable disinfecting wipes. Our capabilities include:

  • Mass production and worldwide shipping
  • Various materials, sizes, packaging types, and production runs to meet your needs
  • Confidential formulations and premium ingredients

Third Party Logistics (3PL) & Fulfillment

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3PL and fulfillment services allow you to outsource your inventory management, warehousing, assembly, pick and pack fulfillment, packaging, and delivery operations. At Daily Manufacturing, we offer:

  • A wide range of fulfillment and integration services
  • Support for inventories of all sizes
  • Real-time inventory management

Color Cosmetics

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Create your own color cosmetics brand with custom formulations and packaging for face products, eye products, cheeks products, and lip products. Our capabilities include:

  • Private labeling and contract manufacturing
  • Choose from existing, customized, or natural formulations
  • Filling and bottling of small, medium, and large containers

Cosmetic Sample Packaging Supplier

See Our Capacities & Benefits See Our Capacities & Benefits

Create custom sample containers and packaging for your cosmetic products to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. Our cosmetic sample packaging capabilities include:

  • Several packaging containers and materials to pick from
  • Contract filling services
  • Regulatory-compliant packaging and labeling

Daily Manufacturing Services Overview

Services Overview Services Overview

Working with Daily Manufacturing gives you access to comprehensive services to fulfill your needs and support your operations from start to finish. Our services include:

  • Contract manufacturing and co-packing
  • Private labeling
  • Third-party logistics (3PL) and fulfillment


Daily Manufacturing leads the way in white label e-liquid manufacturing as an FDA-registered business with a state-of-the-art processing facility adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices and ISO 9001:2015. We specialize in producing top-tier e-liquids, while also offering high-quality personal care, cosmetic, and health/wellness products. Our commitment to excellence ensures quick, efficient production without compromising on quality. With a dedicated professional team of 120+ employees, we are fully committed to the success of our partners.

Daily Manufacturing
FDA Registration
GMP (Good Manufacturing Process)
ISO 9001:2015


Daily Manufacturing is a world-class facility at the forefront of white label e-liquid production, catering to the burgeoning market with precision and expertise. Our seasoned team, boasting over 20 years of combined experience in manufacturing excellence, sets industry standards in efficiency, quality control, product development, and brand support. While we’re leading the way in e-liquid manufacturing, we also continue to serve the health/wellness, personal care, and cosmetic industries with our renowned commitment to quality and innovation.

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Daily Manufacturing creates the best products based on your requirements for customers worldwide, applying Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in our FDA registered facility. We work to make certain that every client is treated exactly the same without discrimination. From a start up venture to mid size or large corporate businesses, we welcome and handle it all. With a daily manufacturing capacity of 500,000 units per day, we speak with confidence no job is to small or big. We open our arms to discuss your vision and products that require a reliable, consistent, and honest manufacturer.


Our proprietary Quality Management System complies with GMP and ISO 9001:2015 operating standards, alongside strict document security protocols.


Our in-house R&D team seeks out the highest quality ingredients for the most effective formulations, taking our customers’ concepts and turning them into reality with speed and efficiency. From natural and organic to vegan or “super” ingredients, we can make any product vision a reality.

Contract Manufacturing

Custom formulation, filling, labeling, and packaging

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Customer-supplied raw materials we assemble and ship

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Private Label

Design and create a new product label to sell immediately

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  • Boost sales by an average of 32%
  • Increase average order value by 20%-30%
  • Attract new customers

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