Having to manufacture your product line along with handling package design, packing, and shipping can be challenging. Many companies lack the time and resources to invest in expensive packaging equipment or facilities, so they rely on contract packaging, or co-packing, to handle their packaging needs.

What is Co-Packing

Co-packing is a cost-effective way to leverage another company’s capabilities for packaging your products. These providers often have specialized equipment that can accommodate different packaging needs, such as corrugated cardboard enclosures, clamshell, shrink wrapping, bottling of different products, and more. Some co-packers even provide complete fulfillment services for packaging, storage, and shipping. 

Co-packers provide the equipment, expertise, and experience to help you get the packaging you need to showcase your product and your brand, protect it during shipping, and get it to the customer on time. Co-packing providers can quickly fill and package very large volumes, allowing more control over your inventory and reducing your overhead.

Co-Packing Applications

Co-packing providers can vary in size and capabilities, ranging from package design to fulfillment. Some have facilities that meet regulatory mandates, enabling them to package FDA regulated products. Other small contract packing providers may be a perfect solution when you have a limited-time promotion or seasonal offerings that require specialized packaging. Some of the services that co-packing providers offer include:

  • Package design. From the graphic design of labels to determining the ideal packaging for your product, a co-packer can help you find the perfect balance of aesthetics, function, and protection.
  • Package testing. If you have fragile, heat-sensitive, or perishable goods, you need to know that the containers will adequately protect the products. Standardized or proprietary testing measures can ensure the efficacy of your packaging.
  • Product packaging. Product packaging may also include assembly before physically filling or encasing the product in blister packaging, clamshells, bottles, cans, boxes, protective film, or shrink wrapping. 
  • Shipping. Depending on the co-packer, they may provide services that include preparing the package for shipment, shipping, tracking, and delivering the packaged product.

Benefits of Co-Packing

There are many reasons a company may choose a co-packer. They may not be equipped for packaging, or the production facility may be at their maximum packaging capacity. The manufacturer may be undergoing cost-cutting measures, and outsourcing their packaging provides significant savings over doing it in-house. In other cases, the type of product may necessitate compliance with regulatory requirements that must be met by a certified facility.

Partnering with co-packing companies provides many benefits, such as:

  • Cost savings. Leveraging co-packing services saves on training, supplies, labor, and equipment. 
  • Efficiency and flexibility. You can quickly and efficiently scale your packaging capabilities when they exceed your capacity by partnering with a co-packer.
  • Industry expertise. Co-packing companies specialize in packaging, offering industry expertise you may not have.
  • Professional packaging design. Co-packing providers offer graphic design and engineering capabilities you need to create the ideal packaging to your exact specifications.
  • Speed. Co-packing companies can efficiently package large volumes or specialty runs with little lead time and quick turnarounds.

Daily Manufacturing Co-Packing Services

Daily Manufacturing offers a proven track record of success in co-packing solutions with extreme attention to detail. Whether you need small, medium, or large-sized containers, we have what you need. Our capacity levels meet the highest capacity demands, filling 150,000 bottles per day, and 5,000,000 bottles per month. 

At Daily Manufacturing, we use the latest technology and equipment combined with our expertise, flexibility, and speed to rapidly turn around your products, meet the most stringent delivery deadlines, and decrease your time to market. Contact us today to get started on your co-packing solution.

For companies with finished raw materials or bulk product, Daily Manufacturing can perform any secondary formulation, filling, or packaging in order to produce large volumes of product in a fast and efficient manner. This can not only reduce overhead but also mitigate risk and help manage inventory more effectively.


With capacity levels of 150,000 bottles per day and 5,000,000 bottles per month, Daily Manufacturing is at the ready to handle any high-demand requirements.


Our versatile machinery and expertise in co-packing allows us to provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry.


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