With more than 20 years of industry experience and go to market expertise, Daily Manufacturing has set itself apart as a leader in helping businesses develop, create, and package products in the personal care, cosmetic, and health & wellness space.

Our passionate team is committed to creating and delivering the highest-grade products possible without compromising on ingredients, packaging, or production techniques. Having seen rampant quality control and manufacturing issues in our industry, we set out to establish a best in class 45,000sq ft production facility located in Southern California, making products for global brands and small startups looking for a production partner they can trust and who can scale with their needs.


Our mission is to help brands bring their product ideas to life, manufactured with passion and integrity.


We are committed to being a responsible manufacturing partner, exceeding industry standards and customer expectations. We take pride in crafting superior quality products made with premium ingredients and confidential formulations that offer true value to our customers and benefits to their consumers.We embody a one team, one dream mentality to help bring any new product idea to life.