Packaging presents a serious challenge for many manufacturers. Handling it in-house requires businesses to invest time and money in specialized equipment and the training of their labor force to operate it, as well as potentially necessitating additional facility space. Few companies have the resources to oversee this process for every new product they launch, and those that do can achieve better ROI elsewhere. The best choice for many manufacturers is to partner with packaging professionals who can handle the logistics for them.

Contract packaging, or co-packing, is an attractive arrangement for these situations. By contracting with specialists, manufacturers can achieve custom, rigorously tested packaging that is cost-effective for their operation. Daily Manufacturing’s comprehensive co-packing services are ideal for clients seeking any kind of packaging solution, be it boxes, tins, tubes, jars, or bottles. We specialize in packaging for cosmetics, personal care, and wellness products of all kinds. Our team draws from over 20 years of packaging experience to help brands achieve stand-out packaging results with consistent quality and on-time delivery.

What Is Co-Packing?

Co-packing allows one company to leverage another’s specialized packaging capabilities. This grants the contracting company access to an experienced packaging team and advanced equipment that can accommodate complex or high-volume production runs for scalable operations with minimal overhead. Contract packagers work with many different products and packaging designs, so their services may include:

  • Boxing in corrugated cardboard
  • Bottling
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Adding protective film
  • Blister packing
  • Tube filling
  • Box printing

The actual contract packaging process differs depending on the manufacturer’s needs. In more straightforward cases, it is simply a supply of standard-sized packages, which a co-packer can provide at an affordable cost. For more complex projects, the co-packer may handle everything from packaging design through testing, production, storage, and order fulfillment. Companies reduce overhead and improve packaging quality, all while retaining control over inventory. These benefits make it an ideal option for companies of all sizes.

Co-Packing Applications

Co-packing is a versatile arrangement suitable for numerous packaging scenarios. Many companies pursue temporary co-packing contracts for seasonal products, product launches, or periods of high demand. Others work with providers for all of their packaging needs. This is especially common for smaller companies that lack the resources to package in-house, as well as companies that deal with more complex packaging demands. Cosmetics packaging, for instance, can be especially challenging, as it must protect delicate products while still being attractive and easy to use. Packaging specialists are better equipped to balance these factors.

Whatever your product, you might choose contract packing if you have unmet needs in any of the following areas:

  • Package design. Package design involves functional, aesthetic, and logistical considerations. The ideal packaging protects your product, stands out on the shelf to promote your brand, and is easy to transport. Achieving all of these goals together typically requires multiple design iterations, often with prototypes and testing. A co-packing provider has the expertise necessary to oversee a successful package design process.
  • Package testing. No matter how good a package looks, what matters most is that it functions well. Testing ensures that the package adequately protects your product under typical storage, transportation, and use conditions. This is especially critical for fragile, temperature-sensitive, or perishable products. Usability testing further improves user experience by identifying faults or defects that make the package difficult to use. Co-packing businesses will have standard or even proprietary testing procedures to ensure trustworthy packaging.
  • Regulatory compliance. Many contract packaging clients deal with strict regulations such as those issued by the FDA. Packaging specialists have the facilities and equipment necessary to uphold various sanitary standards. Between the costs of equipment, training, and maintenance, establishing compliant packaging facilities is cost-prohibitive for many manufacturers. Co-packing is a more affordable option, and it comes with the confidence of working with highly experienced partners.
  • Product packaging. Contract packagers can do more than simply produce the necessary packaging enclosures. They can also assemble, fill, wrap, and seal packages for distribution. These arrangements can decrease labor and transportation costs for the contracting company, allowing you to redirect resources where they will be most useful.
  • Shipping. Many co-packaging providers also oversee package preparation, shipping, tracking, and delivery to free you from dealing with distribution on your own.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your provider about services above and beyond package production. Many offer a suite of complementary services to make your product a success.

Benefits of Co-Packing & Working With a Co-Packer

The biggest benefit of contract packaging is that it grants companies the freedom to pursue their goals. Those that already have in-house packaging capabilities can extend their capacity, experiment risk-free, and achieve cost savings at volume. At the same time, those who lack adequate packaging equipment can achieve professional results that differentiate their brand without the substantial start-up investment.

Co-packing offers many additional advantages for companies, whatever their reason for outsourcing product packaging, including:

  • Cost savings. Leveraging co-packing services reduces spending on training, supplies, labor, and equipment. Thanks to bulk sourcing and high-end machinery, dedicated packaging companies can usually achieve lower prices per unit than in-house packaging.
  • Efficiency and flexibility. Co-packing is available on-demand to extend your in-house capabilities and scale production. Whether you’ve reached maximum packing capacity or decided to launch a new product, co-packers are available to fill the gaps or manage the process for you in full.
  • Industry expertise and certifications. With years of packaging experience, co-packers offer more efficient processes and robust supplier networks than non-specialists. Some companies also focus on a single market and maintain the proper certifications for that sector so they can better serve clients from that industry. Daily Manufacturing is well versed in the challenges of the wellness, cosmetics, and personal care markets, and we use that expertise to help you stay ahead of trends and regulations so you can focus on your core business.
  • Professional packaging design. The ideal co-packing supplier will offer comprehensive graphic design and production engineering services. Their team of experts will work together to create a design that meets all of your goals and aesthetic preferences.
  • Speed. Co-packing companies have the capacity to package large volumes or specialty runs with little lead time and quick turnarounds. These speeds are difficult to achieve without dedicated facilities.

Co-packing services allow you to produce better packages faster and at a lower cost. Your co-packer will work with you to adapt their services to your unique needs so that you receive optimal benefits for your business.

Daily Manufacturing Co-Packing Services

To get the most out of your co-packing arrangement, it’s important to find a partner with extensive experience both in packaging and in your specific industry. Companies with industry-specific expertise are best positioned to find innovative, cost-effective solutions to your packaging problems.

At Daily Manufacturing, we have a long track record of successful co-packing solutions with an emphasis on health, wellness, and cosmetics. We are an FDA-registered business and adhere strictly to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 9001:2015 standards, so you can trust our packages to be of exceptional quality. Our capabilities include package design, testing, packaging, warehousing, and order fulfillment for containers of all sizes and volumes. Our facility’s capacity extends to filling 150,000 bottles per day, and 5,000,000 bottles per month. In fact, our versatile machinery and expertise in co-packing allow us to provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

In addition to our co-packaging, contract manufacturing, and private labeling services, we also offer Daily Financing. Our transparent six- and 12-month financing plans are low-APR, accessible options for growing your business.

At Daily Manufacturing, we use the latest technology and equipment combined with our expertise, flexibility, and speed to rapidly turn around your products, meet the most stringent delivery deadlines, and decrease your time to market. Contact us today to get started on your co-packing solution.